Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine


Activity of JSMRM

Update: May 20, 2021

Scientific Meeting

The annual scientific meeting of JSMRM is held in fall. About 1300 people attend this meeting and about 400 papers are presented.

Journal Publications

JSMRM publishes two official journals

Japanese Journal of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (in Japanese) since 1981, and Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences (in English) since 2002.

Educational Activites

  • MR Introductory Course
  • MR Fundamental course
  • MR Advanced Course
  • Lecture for MR Safety Issues

Award to young members


  • Publication ( or Editorial) Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Public Information Committee
  • Future Planning Committee
  • Award Committee
  • International Relationship Committee
  • Election Committee
  • Terminology Committee
  • Medical Economics Committee
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