Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine



Update: June 2, 2021


The Japanese Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (JSMRM) was established in 1986, having succeeded the Society of NMR Medicine established in 1981. The Society consists of more than 3300 members majoring in a wide range of academic fields including clinical medicine, basic medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, technology and engineering, and is now in the transition to a non-profitable corporation.

The society holds an annual meeting with more than 1300 participants and 400 scientific papers, and publishes Japanese Journal of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (in Japanese) and Magnetic Resonance in Medical Science (in English). Medical application of magnetic resonance has been so rapid and outstanding, and approximately ten million MR examinations are carried out annually in Japan. In order to substantiate the basic MR imaging, secure the safety and pursuit further development, the society holds several educational courses annually, including MR basic, advanced, fundamental and safety courses. It also organizes and assists research projects and research groups. The society has lively committees (education, journal editing, terminology, safety assessment, medical economy, public relations, international relations, future project, recommendation, election) leading and assisting the activity of the society members. For individual details, please refer to “activity of the society”.

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