Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine



Update: October 21, 2022

JSMRM (Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine)

A non-profitable corporation that established in 1986, succeeded the Society of NMR Medicine established in 1981.
We have the following 13 committees: Editorial Committee, Education Committee, Safety Committee, Public Relations Committee, Future Planning Committee, Award Committee, International Committee, Election Committee, Medical Economics Committee, Ethics Committee, Diversity Committee, COI Committee, Certification Committee for MRI Exam Management System
We have more than 3600 members in the fields of clinical medicine, basic medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, technology and engineering.
Annual scientific meeting
・The 2022 meeting attracted more than 1700 attendees, and 400 speakers.
・It is held around September, with venues in Nagoya in 2022, Karuizawa in 2023, and Chiba in 2024. It will also be held on the web.
Journals: two official journals have been published
・Magnetic Resonance in Medical Science (MRMS), English edition, published four times a year. 2021 Impact factor: 2.760.
・Japanese Journal of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (JJMRM), Japanese edition, published four times a year.
Educational Workshops (held in Japanese)
・MR Introductory Course
・MR Fundamental Course
・MR Practical and Advanced Course
・Lecture for MR Safety Issues conference.
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